She found an alligator to sit on. Advertisements

Back seat drivers are bad, but a 2 year old back seat driver?  INSANITY!!!!  I hear “Green Light…GOOOOOOOO!” and “Red Light…..STOOOOP!” constantly.  I am treated to a play by play sightseeing tour guide of the toddler persuasion.  Instead of pointing out celebrity homes or film locations, I get garbage trucks and car washes pointed out […]

My life ebbs and flows around sleep these days. I certainly don’t get enough of it, and what I do get is so sporadic and brief that I am starting to have elaborate fantasies involving ear plugs, an eye mask, a few pillows and a pile of blankets. With a 4 month old and a […]

I can see it in the Summer line up! Lifetime? Fox? TLC? It has to be in development on some network. Mommy Wars! Teams of women compete with each other in a mommy version of Wipeout crossed with a Tough Mudder course, all the while yelling insults at the other team about every parenting decision […]

Bath time.  It can be the best party on the block or a parent’s personal hell.  Luckily I have a daughter who LOVES water and will happily entertain herself while I ninja wash her.  Now that her little sister is getting bigger, I am attempting to consolidate and multitask by bathing both girls together.  Admittedly, […]

One of my favorite times of the day!

You try to clean up peanut butter from the walls while you vacuum kitty litter off the stairs while a teething toddler kicks and fusses in the carrier on your chest and a two year old hugs your leg tight screaming for more cookies.  Yup, that was just one of many zany zoo moments my […]

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