Rub a dub, look who’s in the tub!

Bath time.  It can be the best party on the block or a parent’s personal hell.  Luckily I have a daughter who LOVES water and will happily entertain herself while I ninja wash her.  Now that her little sister is getting bigger, I am attempting to consolidate and multitask by bathing both girls together.  Admittedly, I have to get in as well right now, but I had forgotten how much fun a bubble bath can be.  Bursts of primary colors pop through mountains of white bubbles as toys happily bob along.  We make bubble milkshakes, bubble beards, bubble hats, and even pretend to be in the middle of a giant bowl of turtle soup any time my eldest finds a floating turtle (or occasionally frog) toy amidst the foam.  I never had sisters, so watching them burst into infectious giggles back and forth is something of awe and wonder to me.  I love watching them watch each other and go from a serious and intent gaze, to a slight smile, to a huge grin, to a good giggle, to finally……a full on belly laugh.

I had started to look at bath time as a chore that I hardly had time for while trying to clean up the dining room and kitchen after dinner.  I would tell people that the evenings were my least favorite part of the day, especially with my husband shortly moving to night shift.  I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get through the end of the day to the point where everyone was in bed.  I’ve had a full about face on that.  I look forward now to bath time and I will always remember how much fun it is to hear giggles and see those happy, colorful, bobbing toys while those bubble mountains sway and shift on the water.


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